Meet Manon

Manon Edwards

Manon Edwards, moved to Los Angeles from Marseille, south of France 2 years ago after being invited to be a model for a plus size denim brand. She decided to stay in the US to live her American dream by working and developing her image on social media and blog known as to prove to any woman who wants to be successful that everything is possible with motivation and determination. She took the risk of living far away from home, friends and family by herself as an example for everyone who is still hesitating to take the plunge! Manon studied real estate at first but decided to change her career after having work for a company in France official partner of Google and wanted to be a social media marketing manager. She started her company Manon Edwards Social Media Consulting in 2015. She also works to build and manage social media and brand content for clients such as actors, bloggers, models, artists, clothing brands, food and drinks industries as well. Manon shares her life with her husband Gregory.

By blogging about her experiences and passions, Manon has assures that her fans and readers to have a close relationship with her. She is the best friend you’ve always wished you had. There for her followers like a friend, ready to give advice and to motivate you achieve your goals! With encouragement from her friends and fans, Manon is proving everyday by her writing that no matter your size, your body shape or your own insecurities, you can achieve absolutely what you want. Your differences are making you valuable and strong! By being confident, proud of who you truly are and knowing your weakness, you will be the only one able to make yourself strong enough to build your happiness.

Proving that the dictates of fashion are wrong nowadays by trying to make us all wear the same style and be the same type of woman is another very important challenge to overcome.

Manon has been seen on some French TV shows several times as a Stylist, Blogger Guest and Motivational speaker. She was also published in many online magazines such as Yahoo Style and seen in online stores such as Forever21 and Boohoo. With over 100 collaborations in a year, Manon was featured on powerful social media platforms and was photographed with celebrities as well; Jordyn Woods and Eva Mendes.

Grateful for an amazing group of fans, Manon makes sure that every new follower is welcomed in a way that has been very rare into the blogging industry: with authenticity and sincerity.

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