A Big crush on Sonsee Woman

Have you seen the photos I recently posted about Sonsee Woman on my Instagram @chicwithcurves ?

I have to explain you this little story! So first of all you guys should know something about me. I hate wearing underwear! LOL I know this information is kind of intimate to be posted on a Blog, but I’m always very honest and I’m most of the time never bothered by sharing some very private facts of me life.

I had to tell you this little secret about me because of this collaboration with Sonsee Woman. At first when I got reached out by the brand I was very concerned about the fact that it was a company who’s offering undergarment for curvy women since as I already say, I hate underwear, even if obviously I have to wear some, but I hate most of all Spanx and all these UNCOMFORTABLE undergarments who made us even more ashamed of our body, fat belly, backrolls, big thighs etc.

After visiting the website, I became more and more curious to get to know what Sonsee Woman has to offer because I never read the word Spanx or any terms that you can usually read on other lingerie sites like, hide your fat rolls, hide this, hide that but it was actually the total opposite I found some words and sentences like: Embrace your curves, Comfy Bras, Anti-Chafing Shorts, and even the terms FLATTER YOUR CURVES!!!

That is the moment when I was like crazy and say to myself: Okay I have to give it a try let’s see the different items!

And then, happiness! I found that Sonsee Woman offers some basics such as the Singlet Slip Dress, that you can even wear by itself! Yes I did it, and I loved that Dress! The fabric is LIGHT, a little bit stretchy but not too much and it does not HURT! You DO NOT FEEL like you are wearing a Spanx BECAUSE IT IS NOT a Spanx! This Dress, probably because of the fabric, made me more in love with my curves like I wasn’t even wearing a bra on the below and I felt some support! My belly was hanging as usual but not the same way, I mean I felt so good on this Dress it’s comfy, you do not sweat in it, it’s the perfect Dress to show off your curves and being comfy!

I tried to wear it with another Dress more sexy on top of it and same, I loved it! And you’ll loved it too! 🙂

SonseeWoman – Black Singlet Slip Dress – $44

Also, I wanted to try the Shapewear Shorts, I wanted to see if the fabric was not only amazing on the Singlet Slip Dress but if I would have been disappointed by the Shorts, since Shorts usually are ALWAYS disappointing, they hurt, you can not breath, too tight on the legs and rolled all the time! Just by picturing be wearing one of those Shorts pisses me off! LOL

And once again, after I tried the Shapewear Shorts from Sonse Woman, I was like: “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” Same comfy fabric, really soft and light! I won’t wear it everyday to be honest but when I have a very sexy dress to wear a little too short or ideal to show off my booty and curves I will absolutely wear it! It’s so comfy I can’t believe it and also I never had the feeling that I was wearing a Spanx not at all, these Shorts don’t make my belly flat but make it look better because of the support of these Shorts! You should try and you’ll understand me WAY BETTER! lol

Sonsee Woman – Nude Shapewear – $50

And please let me talk about the best! We always say to keep the best for the end! So here we go! The Singlet Bodysuit!

Same as the Singlet Slip Dress, the fabric is SUPER breathable, not too tight, it’s ideal to wear with some Skinny Jeans or high waisted bodycon skirt! I also worn the Bodysuit under another bodycon dress and without a bra! I felt the support and I was comfy all the time! Thank you Sonsee Woman to think about curvy woman who wants to still show off their curves and being comfy! The fabric is also so soft it’s so nice to feel it on your skin! I sound crazy by typing all these nice compliments but really I’m honestly happy by these undergarments and if you are looking for some, I highly recommend Sonsee Woman!

Sonsee Woman – Black Singlet Bodysuit – $40

Visit the website www.SonseeWoman.com to buy my favorite undergarments or just to find the right ones for you, lot of choices available! Their prices are also really affordable! 🙂

Comment all your questions and concerns I’ll be happy to help you! And do not forget to follow me on Instagram if you don’t yet since I’m more active over there and follow @Sonsee_Woman as well!

Talk soon!