A Big girl needs a big bed! #BigFigMattress

Hello everybody! Hope you are all doing well and happy to spend some time around your family, friends and beloved one for the Holidays! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s the season to feel thankful for a lot of reasons! I don’t know about you tho but I have lot of things to be thankful for this year! I’m not going to share my entire private life, even if actually, I’m already sharing everything to you, on a daily basis on my Instagram LOL

Long story short, I’m feeling grateful for my idiot of ex. Yes, this guy who tricked me and manipulated me since the day 1 by not showing his true self and by breaking my heart, my confidence and my soul. Because without all the pain he caused me I wouldn’t be here, where I am today. Doing what I love the most, in my happy place and ready to gift me with what I truly want for the Holidays.

For the first 2 years of living in LA far away from my family,I’ve been struggling like I never had to in my entire life. Married to a guy who wasn’t working, and when he finally found a job, he wasn’t making enough to pay his own bills anyway, not even able to afford something for the house. I was living in East LA, with the cops running around my house everyday. Small crappy apartment, no cars. No work permit, it was impossible for me to work. I had to save all the money I had to pay my bills and his own ones, so when I needed to buy furniture it was a real struggle. Even buying a nice mattress wasn’t possible. I had to look for the cheapest mattress that I can find. And when all you can buy is the cheapest item you know you will have to settle for something not comfortable, not at your taste etc.

So I found a queen mattress for like less than $200 at least it was brand new, but OH MY LORD. I never spent a good night of sleep. NEVER. The mattress was hurting my back. Most nights I was WAKING UP BY THE PAIN on my waist or my legs due to the mattress. We kept it for over 2 years. It was awful. Every morning, and I’m not even exaggerating I wish I was, my neck was sore, my lower back was sore. So painful…

When my ex did something to me so messed up and several times, the time to kick him out finally arrived. BY THE WAY, I’m feeling grateful for what he did wrong because by breaking me at the time he made me actually even stronger. And I used to be already someone strong so I feel like indestructible today! LOL Anyway… I had to live on my own, good things just kept coming my way, I’m not an immigrant no more, finally got my privileges, got my dream job, bought a brand new car (and had the chance to buy the one I truly wanted!), I was able to afford a huge apartment in a very nice neighborhood with my hot tub and pool! So the time to buy new furniture arrived!

And OMG, instead of spending lot of money on clothes or girly things, I bought absolutely each piece of furniture I wanted to buy! I’ve built my happy place, my own style, my own taste, it is amazing to feel home, to have this feeling you are finally in your own safe place. But most important, I had to find a new mattress.. And remember the one I got before for the past 2 years… Who used to be a constant reminder of my messed up situation and life… This time I was really motivated to pick THE BEST MATTRESS possible! Once again I’m feeling grateful today! Not only for all these amazing things who happened to me but also because I came across BIGFIGMATTRESS.COM

BigFig Mattress got my attention immediately after reading ‘THE MATTRESS FOR A BIGGER FIGURE’ I was like: “Hey I’m big! That must be something made for big people let’s check this out! And WOW! I thought the pricing range would have been insanely crazy for such a bog mattress of this quality but it was completely reasonable and the company really tried to offer a product who’s the solution to a lot of inconvenience/problem big people experiences with their mattress when they sleep, you know: Mattress Sag Softening, Loss of Comfort, Poor Support, No Edge Support, Sleeping Hot, Materials Shifting, Weak Foundation, Durability…


(Dimensions: 76” x 80” x 13”)

Well BigFig Mattress actually will resolve all of these problems and this is how they fixed everything! High Quality Materials, Tested For 20+ Years Of Use, Support And Comfort, Strong Foundation! A mattress can feel great in the store, but only high quality materials will last. We carefully sourced the best materials that provide the best support and will last through at least 20 years of sleep. Here is the breakdown of our materials:

  • ThermoGel treated fabric lowers body temperature for an actively cool sleeping experience.

  • 2Gel Infused Latex Foam that has been perforated for comfort and air flow.

  • 33 layers of High Density poly foam for no-sag cushioning.

  • 41600 Individually Wrapped Coils 50% more than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market.

  • 5High density, 80 ILD Edge Foam adds extra strength and solid edge support.

  • 6Tufted In 16 Places to prevent the materials from shifting over time.

  • 7Big Fig Foundation (included with every order) supports 5X the weight of standard foundation.

If you are wondering about the price, you can check on their site, it depends about the size obviously I got the king size this type! I’m so freaking happy about it! It’s like getting a new car of something priceless lol! I probably sound crazy being that excited about a mattress, but damn actually it’s the only furniture we should really invest on and gift ourselves with a nice one because we spend half of our life in bed guys! I’m not making up an excuse for myself by the way! LOL


(Dimensions: 76” x 80” x 13”)

And GOOD NEWS! I just checked their site and Big Fig Mattress if currently promoting an amazing deal for the Black Friday Sale! SAVE $200 + FREE WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY W/ CODE: BLACKFRIDAY. ENDS 11/23.


I’m so happy I had the chance to have a Big Fig Mattress, this mattress is not too firm, it’s the perfect balance actually and I’m sure you’re gonna love it as much as I do!

If you are looking to finally get some good nights of sleep and don’t know which mattress to buy, now you have your answer! Get yourself a nice gift for the Holidays and buy yourself and your partner a Big Fig Mattress!

Follow me on Instagram @chicwithcurves and the brand @BigFig for more info! Comment or DM me if you need to know anything about the mattress and the company! And by the way, I’m not the only one who’s happy about Big Fig, you’ll see on their page, lot of plus sized influencers are actually experiencing Big Fig Mattress so you can find lot of reviews and personal experiences from different people into the plus size community! 🙂

Talk soon!