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Hi guys! I’m happy to be back to my Blog today because I’m about to talk about the famous strapless bras who went viral on The internet these past few months! And all I can say now it’s that I know why everyone has been talking about it! Honestly as a plus sized women wearing a 42D bra size I was completely certain that it would never be adapted to me!

But actually I’m pretty happy because I was wrong! It’s not the perfect fit as a strapless bra but the Sneaky Vaunt strapless bra (SHOP HERE: won’t hurt your back fat rolls, your armpit or fat upper arms because there is no underwire at all! It’s so smooth and the glue who sticks the bra to the breasts do not hurt as well! I took a quick photo just wearing the bra but I haven’t tightened the lace yet. On the second photo I’ve just tightened the lace and we can definitely notice the amazing support for a strapless bra like this one which is completely incredible!!

Even if my breasts do not have the same kind of support as a classic strapless bra, I will be using it and wearing it anyway with some body con dresses who have a back cleavage and some bustier/corset who already offer the support for your breast but have lace on it and are kind of transparent!

This bra will be a perfect fit for these!

Wearing this bra is helping as well to avoir little accidents where the nipple want to escape from a plunge bra, or to avoid to see the nipple when it’s cold out! LOL

I totally recommend it! Plus the packaging is so cute!

I’m positively impressed by Sneaky Vaunt!

See more photos on my Instagram @chicwithcurves and let me know what do you think about it!

Comment all your questions and concerns I’ll be happy to help you! Sneaky Vaunt website: CLICK HERE!