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Hi guys!

Hope you are doing well today and hope you are as much excited as I am about this upcoming weekend and for SUMMER TIME! As you might know if you followed me before I do not have the chance to spend the Summer traveling or going back home with my family since I moved in Los Angeles and can not travel due to my visa situation. My family lives in the south of France, and won’t be able to get the opportunity to come either. So, the past few years I tried to find something else to make me smile and feel happy or excited about the Summer; SWIMSUIT SHOPPING!

I’m a huge fan of shopping, and I do not know about you but I’m a real PAIN in the a** about anything concerning shopping and spending money! I always want to buy and spend money if and ONLY if it’s really worth it, is the price is very attractive and if the sale are not at 20% off but at least 50% off and up! Plus I have to admit when I spend my money online it is NOT to buy some simple casual items but to actually to buy some original items that you do not have the chance to buy everyday usually!

As a plus size woman it is so complicated to find some lingerie or swimsuits who fits and are cute! So when I’ve found Yandy.com I was really excited about the fact that they are carrying plus size lingerie but also they were offering TON OF DIFFERENT CHOICE in term of colors, prints and styles! You will be able to buy the most CUTEST swimsuits such as bikini, one-piece, matching sets and cover-ups up to 4XL and some items up to 6XL!

It’s AMAZING, right?

But that’s not the only advantage of shopping on Yandy.com the most important is that the original prices are SO CHEAP! You can buy a swimsuit or lingerie set under $20! You might think I already told you everything about Yandy, but nope. There is more! Yandy always offers the BEST DEALS EVER in terms of savings and sales! Let me give you some examples who will make you click on their site right away!

Let me show you my selection and the ones I’m wearing from: Yandy.com

1. ALEJANDRA CHEEKY: https://www.yandy.com/Plus-Size-Alejandra-Cheeky-Bikini-Bottom.php

2. NATALIA MESH: https://www.yandy.com/Plus-Size-Natalia-Mesh-Bikini-Bottom.php

3. EIGHTIES PULSE: https://www.yandy.com/Plus-Size-High-Waisted-Eighties-Pulse-BIkini-Bottom.php

4. VERACRUZ BIKINI: https://www.yandy.com/Yandy-Plus-Size-Veracruz-Bikini.php

5. BARE ALL BRIGITTE BIKINI: https://www.yandy.com/Plus-Size-Bare-All-Brigitte-Bikini-Bottom.php




Summer is the best opportunity to try out new website you never purchased on before, such as Yandy.com if it’s the case because it is the only moment of the year you will ever have these amazing offers, sales, deals for swimsuits and you can plan your next vacation looking fabulous with your favorite swimsuit! Haha

I always try out to shop on new websites to make sure to try a few e-shop and see how everything fits!

I totally recommend you to take advantage of the nice affordable prices on Yandy.com specifically because we do not have the tendency of buying sexy lingerie or swimsuits before summer and now it’s the perfect time to gift yourself and please your boyfriend, husband or the guys you are dating by surprising them for a nice night! Haha why not?!

Also, you have to check out their Halloween costumes! Plus Size are available! Check out the page on Yandy.com: https://www.yandy.com/Shopping/products/category_19.asp

But that’s not it! Yandy is also offering Plus Size Lingerie no more excuse not to check out Yandy.com

Stay tuned on my Instagram for more photos wearing the different sets on my feed and story!



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