New Skincare Brand Alert: @YesTo skincare

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Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well! If you are concerned about me I’m doing GREAT! As you know if you followed me on Instagram @chicwithcurves I’m spending some little time/vacations with my mom, dad and little sister after 4 years of separation far away from them! During these 2 amazing weeks we went to Las Vegas at The Linq hotel and while my parents were having fun at the casinos I decided to stay with my little sister Marie and we tried to treat ourselves with some face masks and hair masks from YesTo.

To be completely honest with you I never ever heard of the brand YesTo until recently while I was watching their Instagram account! I thought that the products were really cool and since I’m using most of the time the same skincare brand I really wanted to give it a try! I’m really lazy in term of taking care of my skin and skincare rituals/routine I have the same for months and it has to be easy, quick, fast and preferably better if I don’t have to deal with sticky or greasy products!

YesTo decided to send me the DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL SNAPMASK™ STICK at only $15.99 ideal for BREAKOUT! I was very interested because for the past few weeks I had to deal with my hormones acting crazy so it was perfect to try this mask since I had some little zits!!

Plus my favorite part is that this mask do not need a specific applicator or you do not even need to apply the mask with your hands! NOPE you can apply it directly to your skin because it’s a STICK BOTTLE! Like a deodorant but for your skin! Don’t you think this is truly AMAZING?!

Also I tried the SOOTHING HAIR CLAY MASK at only $2.99 ideal for hair who’s DRY and a ITCHY SCALP! These past few days I have no idea why my scalp was itching me so badly! This mask was PERFECT! Not only because of the thick texture or the smell or the efficiency but also because most of the time, hair masks make my hair greasy! And this time it was not the case! I was so happy after using this mask! Love it!

Finally, I found in love with another product ideal for lazy girls like me lol! I’m a huge fan of wipes! Just clean and throw it away! No need to clean blah blah blah and I had the chance to try the ANTI-POLLUTION DETOXIFYING CHARCOAL BUBBLING WIPES at only $5.99 ideal for ALL SKIN TYPES! I don’t use makeup often but these 2 weeks in Las Vegas were so tiring! We walked down the big Las Vegas avenue several times a day, visiting all the different casinos, the heat was killing us as well so as soon as we went back to the hotel it was such a pleasure to use these Anti-Pollution bubbling wipes to detoxify my skin and feel clean to quickly go grab some dinner before to take a shower at the end of the day! It’s not really bubbling but I like the smell and the feeling of cold fresh and clean after using the wipes! You’ll love them too!

Visit the website to buy some of my favorite products or just to try some new ones, lot of choices available! Their prices are really affordable! 🙂

Comment all your questions and concerns I’ll be happy to help you! And do not forget to follow me on Instagram if you don’t yet since I’m more active on it and follow @Yesto as well!

Talk soon!